Apr 19th, 2017

The New Product Launch of Davco China: Introduce French VOC A+, Reset a New Environmental Height

April 07, 2017, themed with Symphony in Hong Kong Quality to Shine the Future, 2017 DavcoChina product launch event was held in Sky100, the highest viewing platform of Hong Kong. As the first enterprise in the industry of special mortar to initiate the product launch meeting in Hong Kong, DavcoChina has exactly shown its international perception and extraordinary innovative thinking.

The Star-studded Blockbuster with Tycoons in the Industry

The launch meeting was held near the Victoria Harbor, where you can have a panoramic view over the entire Xiang River. On the site, the star-studded blockbuster has included many tycoons in the industry:  Mr. Zhu Dongqing, General Secretary of China National Building Waterproof Association, Ms. Fu Weijie, VP of China Ceramic Industry Association, Ms. Guo Xi, General Secretary of Ready-mixed Mortar Association, CBMF, Mr. Wu Yiyue, Founding President & Chief Expert of Guangdong Building Materials Association, Mr. Chen Huan, VP of Guangdong Building Materials Association, VP of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, President of Guangdong Ceramics Association, Vice Chairman of China Ceramic Industry Association, VP of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, President of the Association of Guangdong Province, and the dignitaries from Hong Kong well-known enterprises—Akzonobel, a global leading paints and coatings enterprise, AN Dulux, the leading Hong Kong brand of decorative paints, Selleys from Hong Kong, DGL Camel Hongkong, the manufacturer of Camel, PAREX, DavcoChina, the important distributors, the famous media from Hong Kong and mainland of China. The grand event has involved with the presence of over 200 people, creating remarkable buzz and excitement.

The Congratulations from ParexGroup and the Subsidiaries Nationwide 

As an emerging market of Ready-mix mortar, Chinese group is occupying an increasing proportion in ParexGroup. Mr Eric Bergé, the CEO of French ParexGroup– the holding company of DavcoChina, has firstly sent his congratulation via the video connection, and wished DavcoChina should contribute more to the environmental protection along with its better performance in the future. Meanwhile, the Guangzhou Head Office, the subsidiaries from Shanghai, Wuhan, Beijing, etc. , the distributors nationwide have shared the grand event through the live video. 2017 DavcoChina product launch event has attracted the attention of the entire industry.

Introduce French A+, Reset a New Environmental Criteria

As a highlight standing out in the product launch meeting, to introduce the concept of French VOC A+ is one of the weights undoubtedly. In the event, DavcoChina has announced it has acquired the A+ certificate of “Emission in Indoor Air” (VOC A+), the highest environmental criteria, for its full range of new products, which has set up a new era for the industrial criteria in the environmental protection.

It is reported, the full name for VOC A+ is “Emission in Indoor Air A+”. French indoor air testing certification is the mandatory label required when the indoor building materials are launched in French market with the highest grade of A+, the following are A, B and C. French VOC A + is to simulate the actual living environment of people and test the indoor air quality after painting through professional precise instruments for 28 days, and rate the products according to the total concentration of volatile organic compounds in the air and the concentration of other ten common harmful organic compounds to the human body. In short, French VOC A + tests the products longer, and puts more focus on the environmental friendliness for the consumers.

In order to confirm the impartiality and rigor of its testing, we’ve invited Mr. Feng Guowei, General Manager in SouthChina region of Eurofins Group for VOC A+ testing, to present in details on the site. Eurofins Group is an international life science company which provides analytic testing service and technology for food, pharmaceutical, environmental, consumer products, etc.,  representing the global leading testing technology and level.

Create a Brand New Model, Set the Same Priority in R&D and Innovation

Innovation has been always driving DavcoChina to lead the industry. From the first pack of CTA produced in China over 20 years ago, to Davco K11 representing for cement-based waterproof, Davco has been always marching forward courageously and taking the first move in the innovation: opening the exclusive shops, developing retailing channels, inaugurating the online Tmall Flagship shop and embracing the internet trend. Hence the launch meeting has also attracted the attention from Tmall executives who also sent their congratulations through the video online and shown their concern on the environmental friendly building materials in China. We all wish to provide the green building materials to the consumers throughout China more widely and speedily.

Breaking New Grounds for the Future, Davco Puts Effort in Environmental Protection.

Adhering to the vision of Be the Leader in the Green Home Decoration Auxiliary Materials in China, Mr. Xu Ying, VP of ParexGroup & PGC Board Chairman, addressed in a press interview that DavcoChina will keep persistent innovation and continuously build up green constructions and livable cities for the people. Mr. Zhang Yongdong, Vice General Manager of DavcoChina, has also expressed Davco will sustainably do its utmost in the Research & Development of new products, and along with the cutting-edge technology strength of ParexGroup and the expertise of Shanghai R&D center, providing more impeccable product mix for the home decoration auxiliary materials market, greener and cozier products for consumers.

The new products will be officially launched in China on April 18. In the auction fair on the night, the distributors have warmly chased after the new products: the one from Foshan has taking No. 1 in the auction by ordering 380 thousands packs of CTA and the one from Nanjing has taken the No.1 in the waterproofing range by ordering 15000 pails of waterproof product. For our commitment to bear the social responsibilities and persist in the sustainable development, DavcoChina has promised to donate 50 cents from each pack of CTA and 5 yuan from each pail of waterproof product in the total auction to establish a special fund on sponsoring the activity of tree planting and carbon emission reducing.

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