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Waterproofing Systems and Technical Solutions

The Technical Solutions business is characterized by a multitude of niche markets. The diversity of market segments and the specific needs of clients mean that producers must offer customized solutions. This is PAREX’s mission in this field.

The technical mortars offered by PAREX are formulated to address the individual specifications of every type of construction and civil engineering site, with advanced, safe solutions for levelling, repairing, fixing, anchoring, waterproofing and bonding.

Through its awareness of global trends and thanks to its in-house knowledge, PAREX has become leader in two key segments:

  • Concrete repair
  • Waterproofing

Reinforced concrete is used throughout the world for all construction purposes, from the smallest buildings to the largest civil engineering infrastructures. As a living material and therefore subject to change, it is essential to anticipate maintenance and repair needs to allow the concrete to retain its functionalities.

Waterproofing is a key function in the building industry, a necessary requirement in both mature and emerging countries. Since it provides protection against damage within the home, waterproofing improves people’s quality of life.

Our range of technical mortars is backed up by a technical support team respected throughout the industry.

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