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Tile Setting Materials

PAREX is a leading provider of mortars for the global market of tile adhesives and grouts, and is able to maintain its leading position through its dynamic approach to innovation.

PAREX offers a wide range of technical solutions for the construction industry, from individual housing and building projects to industrial infrastructure.

Our product portfolio includes tile adhesives, decorative grouts, structural grouts, priming systems, self-levelling compounds and waterproofing membranes. Our approach to the market is dynamic and proactive.

Our range of tile adhesives has greatly evolved from the traditional products associated with conventional applications; today’s “thin-tiles” require a completely different approach.

Discover a selection of our achievements

As a world-leader, PAREX is reputed for the training and technical support that it provides to its distributors and end-users.

Our onsite provision of technical assistance is a truly unique service that enables us to forge strong commercial relations by constantly listening and responding to our customers’ needs.

Sustainable development is a strategic issue in this market, particularly insofar as the safety and comfort of our end-users is concerned.

PAREX has led the world with its innovative “dustless” technology and continues to demonstrate a talent for innovation with a series of cement- free systems for the industry. Our adhesive product range is supported by an excellent technical support team.

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