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Thanks to its creativity and expertise in products and construction systems, PAREX is now a recognized international leader.

Our product innovation is founded on two main pillars:

  • A dedicated, proactive grass-roots technical support team: we bring great value to our customers thanks to our in-depth knowledge of applicators’ needs, local construction practices and our wide-ranging offer of products and solutions.
  • A robust product development policy: 15% of our sales are made with products that are less than 5 years old, a quite significant achievement in the world of construction where solutions have to be proven, tested and safe.

Strong Group R&D network

To fuel our product innovation, we invest 1.5% of sales revenue in R&D. Our two Group centers are the PAREX Innovation Centre in Lyon and our Shanghai Laboratory. Each of our 22 national subsidiaries has a local laboratory which is part of a global R&D network where we share new product ideas and know-how.

PAREX is the dry-mix specialist

Our history has made us the leader in dry-mixes, focused on complex powder formulation. We master the art of formulating natural raw materials (e.g. sand), binders (e.g. cement), polymers (e.g. in the form of redispersible powders) and sophisticated additives. This combination of mineral and organic ingredients is the core of PAREX technology.

Open innovation

2 - Innovation and Technology

As a partner of universities and public laboratories in France (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat, Armines…) and in China (Shangai University of Applied Technology), the Group is at the forefront of technological and environmental innovation. We are the inventor of the dustless technology for mortars, which offers unparalleled comfort to tile applicators. Reducing our carbon footprint and using renewable resources is a top priority. PAREX has also launched several strategic projects sponsored by ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.

New frontiers

For several years now, PAREX has been making significant inroads in new technologies, particularly in the field of organic chemistry. Furthermore, our development in the field of Exterior Insulation & Finishing Systems (EIFS) led us to open our master acrylic paste plant in Europe in 2011.

The Group has progressively increased its know-how in epoxy and polyurethane, now used in our product ranges in France, Brazil, UK and China. In 2017, we integrated Apurva, an Indian specialist in epoxy flooring.

The launch of Lankostructure Carbogrid, a combination of carbon mesh and mortars, is opening new perspectives in the reinforcement and repair of concrete structures.

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