Oct 14th, 2012

ParexGroup launches Mono’Air airtight building sealant in France

10/14/2012 – ParexGroup launched a new product, Mono’Air, in France in October 2012. Mono’Air is an airtight building sealant that will help builders comply with the new environmental regulations that came into effect on January 1, 2013.

Heat efficiency is now the number-one criteria in reducing buildings’ energy consumption. And France’s 2005 standard on low-energy-consumption buildings set the standard: To be certified, a new building must consume no more than 50 kWh per square meter per year—a mere third of what traditional buildings consume. And the regulations that came into effect on January 1, 2013 include even more stringent standards for insulation, HVAC, and air-tightness.

An all-over airtight sealant applied like plaster or stucco, Mono’Air is unique on the market. It is easy to use, effective, and long-lasting. And, while it does cost more than spot sealing, builders can rest assured that they are delivering buildings that meet the new heat efficiency requirements—including passing end-of-construction airtightness testing. Mono’Air can be applied either to a building’s exterior or interior using techniques builders are already familiar with. Because Mono’Air is applied in one step by a single contractor, the likelihood of “forgetting” to treat certain areas particularly prone to air leaks is reduced.

And, for homeowners, Mono’Air offers excellent water vapor circulation for “breathability”—the key to a healthy home—and is certified A+ for VOC emissions.

ParexGroup was able to get Mono’Air onto the market ahead of the new environmental regulations thanks to a research and development partnership with an air-tightness specialist. The company is the first mortar manufacturer to offer an airtight building sealant, with the ambitious goal of becoming market leader on this emerging segment.

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