Nov 12th, 2014

ParexGroup has set up its Chinese Headquarter in Shibei Hi-Tech Zone of Shanghai

On November 12, 2014, ParexGroup officially inaugurated its Chinese Headquarter in Shibei Hi-tech Zone of Shanghai.

Dignitaries, including the leaders in WP Association, the senior managers of ParexGroup and its subordinated brands, Davco and Suzuka.

With the purpose of deepening the business in China and promoting China as a core base for the Group global business development, on November 12, ParexGroup set up its Chinese Headquarter in Shibei Hi-tech Zone of Shanghai, managing two subsidiaries: Davco(Guangzhou) Construction Materials Co. Ltd. and Suzuka (Shanghai) Construction Materials Co. Ltd.. With the expertise in WP and CTA, Davco has been devoted to provide the global leading WP and tiling solutions for consumers since it was introduced in China in 1995. As a leader of stony coating for 69 years with high-quality products and excellent service, Suzuka has been a long-term strategic partner with numerous key real estate developers.

Mr. Zhu Dongqing, the president of China National Building Waterproof Association, has addressed: “The urbanization development in China indeed indicates a great potential for the construction business, however, we still lack of standards in the WP industry. ParexGroup China has always been the innovator and leader in the WP retailing market and kept innovation persistently in the cement-based and retail products. Being innovative, focus, superior and pioneering, the Davco brand has maintained No.1 in Chinese WP market. Led by Davco, many WP companies have entered into the WP retail market in succession. The establishment of ParexGroup China Headquarter in Shanghai is undoubtedly favorable to the WP industry. Hereafter, we expect ParexGroup keeps leading the WP industry, accelerates the transformation to the high-efficient capacity and works with WP Association to build up positive industrial competition.”

Mr. Xu Ying, Executive Director of ParexGroup China, also declared: “The global special dry-mix industry has over 50-year history, while it has developed for only about 10 years in China, indicating the great potential of WP and specialty mortars in Chinese market. Taking dustless CTA as an example, there is less than 25% application rate in China, while it is up to 90% in Brazil, showing a huge foreseeable market capacity in the future. Meanwhile, along with the development of urbanization in China, new demands for the building materials including specialty mortars have been proposed to be greener and to provide higher effect and more powerful performance with the same or fewer amounts. Nowadays, the top 50 real estate developers, e.g. Vanke, have kept pace with the new tendency, and gradually attached higher value to the building quality. They have applied the products of Davco and Suzuka to their projects initiatively, signifying the extensive strategic cooperation.

To develop specialty mortars not only boosted the progress of the company, but also committed to contributing our country, people, the environment and ecology. The Chinese Headquarter and R&D center of ParexGroup have borne the responsibilities for the R&D of global products, setting up new future strategy for Davco and Suzuka, and planning comprehensively in various fields, e.g. R&D, marketing, developing, etc. Therefore the Headquarter is established at exactly the right time, laying a consolidated foundation for ParexGroup striding a new step, and getting to the next strategy and development”.

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