Responsible consumption and production
Responsible consumption and production
PAREX Commitments

as a leader in
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Responsible consumption and production

Responsible consumption and production

PAREX’s industrial activity is based on combining several raw materials to formulate products intended for the construction industry.

The optimization of energy consumption and raw material sourcing is written into the Group’s General Corporate Policy: since 2014, the use of raw materials with a reduced carbon footprint has significantly developed in France, a practice that is gradually spreading to the other countries in which we operate.

Other actions with a similar intent have been undertaken by our subsidiaries, for example:

  • in Thailand, the use of non-chemically treated paper bags has been adopted so as to optimize recycling processes,
  • bag weight has been reduced by 10% in Singapore.
  • in China, actions to approve and secure sand sources have been initiated with our suppliers,
  • in 2017 in France, 14.5 % of pallets and 86% of plastic buckets used were made from recycled materials.

PAREX has a stringent policy of product innovation ensuring that it meets the needs of the people who apply the products and the obligation to protect the environment.

This policy is founded on two key principles:

  • strengthening the role of eco-design in the development of new products,
  • developing new solutions for our customers in order to advance sustainable construction.

Total expenditure engaged in Research and Development (excluding the tax credit for research in France) in 2017 stood at 0.9% of Group sales.

The reformulation of products to eliminate the use of raw materials classified as hazardous and organic solvents continued in 2017. By way of example, PAREX Spain substituted materials containing Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO) with other, non-hazardous substances.

To support our customers, who show increasing attention to the environmental impact of the solutions they implement, we are constantly expanding our offer of External Thermal Insulation systems (ETICS), which improve the energy efficiency and comfort of buildings. First launched in France, these solutions are now being marketed in China, United States, Spain, United Kingdom and Chile.

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