Reduced Inequialities
Reduced Inequialities
PAREX Commitments

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Reduced Inequialities

reduced inequalities

PAREX supports non-discriminatory practices in terms of employment, and practices equal opportunities in the recruitment process and in the professional development of its employees.

In France, beyond the legal obligation of ensuring that people with disabilities make up 6% of its workforce, PAREX commitment in France takes the form of a stated objective of taking full account of disability issues in the company. A brochure entitled “Handi-Cap ou pas Cap?” (Disabled or Unable), published in order to increase employee awareness of disability issues, has been extremely well received. This commitment is reflected by the fact that several disabled persons have been hired during the past year and that between 2012 and 2015, the annual compensatory tax paid to the disabled employment fund manager, AGEFIPH, fell from €41,400 to €865.

In Spain, PAREX has continued its partnership with FEMAREC, a company employing people with disabilities for the purpose of subcontracting.

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