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Quality Education
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Quality Education

Quality education

The objectives of PAREX training policy for its employees are threefold:

  1. to help new employees to settle into the Company,
  2. to consolidate and develop their skills in relation to the changing business environment and changes in the organization of the Company,
  3. to secure career paths and maintain the employability of employees.

Since 2016, the Human Resources Department has asked the countries to lay greater emphasis on in-house training programs; as a result, the number of training hours today reflects the efforts made by PAREX on this particular issue since 2015.

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In France, safety, technical skills, the changing business environment, managerial support and the personal and professional development of employees were the main topics of training sessions in 2017.

at the PAREX Innovation Center at Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, 183 in-house trainees took part in theoretical and practical training in the application of Parexlanko products and solutions.

For its customers, raising awareness and providing training in the use of its technical solutions represents a key stake for PAREX, in particular in emerging countries, where the making-up of products directly on the worksite is still the most widespread practice used by building professionals.

in 2017, over 100, 000 users benefitted from training, either in the Group’s dedicated centers or directly on worksites, and PAREX currently has around 400,000 followers on social media.

Some examples:

in France, 332 professionals (large and small contractors, distributors, architects, craftsmen) received training in 2017 at the new technical training center at Saint-Quentin-Fallavier. The training sessions focused on the Group’s various business lines (tile adhesives, technical mortars, external thermal insulation, etc.). Furthermore, the compulsory annual apprenticeship tax is paid over to apprentice training centers.

in China, some 2, 600 professionals took part in 85 different tile-laying competitions, enabling them to familiarize themselves with best practices for their profession.

in Singapore, we train waterproofing applicators and maintain a list of approved applicators that is made available to end-users for quality control purposes. In order to be included on the list, specialized companies must send their employees to follow a training course delivered by PAREX, on completion of which each participant is awarded a training certificate.

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