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Fév 24th, 2018

Davco CH Super Plant Inaugurates Grandly, Creates a Secure Purchase

February 1, 2018, the first super plant of ParexDavco in China was open grandly in Conghua, Guangzhou.

The Conghua Super plant is the one with the largest production output and the highest automation in the Group. The plant covers an area of 50,000 square meters, introducing the world-class equipment and 8 full automatic production lines with the annual output of 500,000 tons. One of the fully automatic powder production line for the complete segments of Davco products only needs 2 operators. The entire production process and technology are controlled by intelligent system to ensure the formulation and process be scientific and rigorous: 10 K packs are exactly as same as one. The output of this line can exceed 100,000 tons. The on-site visual management is adopted in the plant, covering from the source to the process, to the production process for ensuring the safe and controllable production process.

On the basis of high automation, Davco also attaches great importance to the harmonious coexistence with the environment and widely applies the dust-free technology to the production process, reducing a large amount of dust.

Mr. Eric, CEO of PAREX, addressed to the New Plant

Mr. Xu Ying, Board Chairman of PAREX China & VP of PAREX, made a speech

The “superiority” of super plant is also reflected in its capacity: The high shelves with the capacity of 100,000 barrels are installed in the warehouse, and the most advanced German narrow-channel forward-moving forklift trucks are operated. Through the application of intelligent management software in the warehouse and QR code, we can trace the goods in and out, manage and position the inventory more accurately and effectively.

Conghua Super plant adopts multi-pronged management measures to ensure the production quality comprehensively: establish an excellent quality management team, attach importance to the source, help suppliers improve quality management level for controlling the quality of raw materials, test and track the new products prior to the production, control the process and set up the corresponding key control points on each production line and each work station, constantly improve the production process sheet, stabilize the quality, have the third party tests and R&D inspection regularly.

DavcoChina was established in 1998, a world-renowned company in special mortar- A wholly-owned enterprise set up by the French Group PAREX in China. After more than 20-year development, DavcoChina has become one of the outstanding performers in special mortar industry in China: Davco K11 waterproofing slurry, Davco TTB CTA, Davco color grout, Davco moisture & mold proof skimplast and other products won the trust from the masses of users with the reliable quality, constantly refreshed the new height of environment protection for the building materials and successively obtained the National Environmental Protection 10 Ring certification, the French VOC Detection A + Environmental Certification, the national Green Building Materials 3-star Logo.

Davco, now becomes a quality assured brand in Chinese market.

The opening of Davco New Super plant surely will upgrade the green environmental protection and energy-saving production to a new height, provide the first-line sales representatives with the most reliable back-up from the intelligent and highly efficient production, strong warehousing capacity, logistics supply and so on, and offer the quality and reliable green building materials products to the consumers. Along with the strong support of Conghua Super plant, Davco will uphold the successful development experience in China for more than 20 years and carry with the global advanced special mortar technology and service resources, contribute to China’s special mortar industry and building decoration industry continuously.

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