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Our Safety policy

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Safety first

Preserving people’s health and safety is one of PAREX values. The Health and Safety Policy is under the direct responsibility of the Group’s Chairman. The Safety Policy, fully integrated into the management of the company, is based on three pillars:

Respect the rules

PAREX’s Safety Policy is based on 5 key rules which are circulated and explained to all personnel, including external subcontractors and sites visitors:

  • Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Comply with traffic rules on sites
  • Handle heavy loads safely
  • Keep the workplace clean and tidy
  • Implement lock out / tag out procedures before working on industrial equipment

Parex Malesherbes 113 - Our Safety policy The Group Safety Steering Committee, which meets three times a year, and all the senior management teams are heavily involved in initiatives to build and transmit the Safety culture. Each year, the Worldwide Health and Safety Day provides the opportunity to further raise employee awareness of this issue at each site where the Group operates.

Prevent accidents

In every country, all accidents (whether with or without lost time) are subject to root cause analysis carried out jointly with the employee, the Safety Manager and the local Safety Committee in order to identify the corrective actions that need to be taken. Since 2016, to further improve accident prevention, the Group launched a process for analyzing and reporting “Near Miss” situations and “First Aid” interventions.

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  • TF1 : number of accidents with lost time vs worked hours
  • TF2 : number of accidents with and without lost time vs worked hours


Share them within the Safety Managers’ community and develop cross-audits between countries.

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