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PAREX Climate Program

Energy use in buildings and for building construction represents more than one-third of global final energy consumption and contributes to nearly one-quarter of greenhouse gases emissions worldwide.

In the wake of the COP21 agreement in Paris and convinced of the need for action, PAREX has decided to commit further to the Climate through the PAREX Climate Program.

The initiative has been launched in partnership with PUR Project, a French social business, expert in operating community agroforestry, reforestation and conservation projects working with companies to reduce their social and environmental impacts while regenerating and preserving the ecosystems they depend upon.

PAREX Climate Program is a three step process to reduce our carbon footprint:


Measurement of our greenhouse gas emissions


Development of a sustainable sourcing strategy for our raw materials


Commitment to 10 agroforestry projects run by PUR Projet and located close to our sites

This positive dynamic incites PAREX to keep reducing its residual emissions while fighting climate change and contributing to the development of local communities.

By the end of 2017, we have reached the first part of our objectives: our greenhouse gas emissions have now been measured in 85% of the countries where we operate, action plans have been set up with our suppliers to get sustainable materials which produce less CO2 and we have started optimization in our sand dryers’ process to reduce emissions in this field by 20% by 2020; at last, we contributed to the plantation of 24,330 trees in 10 agroforestery projects in the main countries where we operate.

Our 10 agroforestery projects

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