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Building Responsibly

To meet the social and environmental challenges that it faces, PAREX has rolled out its voluntary and collective sustainable program, “Building Responsibly”, structured around four commitments.

Constantly innovate to contribute to Sustainable Construction

to strengthen the role of eco-design in the development of new products that meet the needs of the people who apply them and the obligation to protect the environment.

to develop new solutions for our customers in order to support sustainable construction

Offer of external thermal insulation systems (EIFS), which improve the energy efficiency and comfort of buildings.

Dust-free and lightweight mortar which reduce risks for our employees in the plants and towards end users. skdjhf - Building Responsibly A+ certification for most of our tile adhesive ranges which guarantees that workers breathe an excellent quality of air during tile laying works. To strengthen further the rollout of these solutions, PAREX supports its customers through many specific training programs.

Reduce our carbon footprint throughout the lifecycle of our products

All the Group’s industrial sites are subject to stringent local rules with regard to authorizations and operating licenses. PAREX’s environmental program is based on three key aims:

to strengthen the Environmental Management System and implement good environmental practices

Preventing and controlling environmental risks is one of the Group’s priorities. PAREX continues its efforts in risk prevention and strengthening the level of environmental management at all its industrial sites by way of a twofold approach:

  • obtaining ISO 14001 certification, the international environmental Management Standard. At the end of 2017, 31 PAREX sites have been certified ISO 14001, including 100% of the industrial sites in France;
  • setting up multi-year plans to implement the actions to be taken identified during the audits.

to optimize the use of resources required for the Group’s activity

PAREX’s industrial activity is based on combining several raw materials to formulate products for the construction industry. The main raw materials used in the Group’s manufacturing processes are sand, cement and additives. The majority of these are sourced locally and secured by means of the approval process implemented by our laboratories in partnership with the Purchasing Department. The optimization of energy consumption in our operations is also a part of the Group’s Environment policy and furthermore the use of renewable energies has already been adopted in some plants.

to limit the environmental impacts relating to our activities

The Group’s Environment policy is in keeping with the circular economy and is based on three points: limiting waste production at source, sorting and ensuring its ultimate traceability, recovering it whenever possible.

Act for and with all of our employees

PAREX continues to grow while paying the closest attention to workplace health and safety conditions for employees, subcontractors and visitors, ensuring that every site is a place of personal and professional development.

Development of a Safety culture and protection of employees’ health

First, create a genuine Safety culture within the Group by implementing 5 key rules applicable to all personnel, including staff members, subcontractors and site visitors

  • wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment),
  • comply with traffic rules on sites,
  • handle heavy loads safely,
  • keep workplace clean and tidy,
  • implement lock out/tag out procedure before working on industrial equipment.

Then, prevent accidents: root cause analysis for each accident and First Aid and Near Miss analysis graphTF1 TF2 EN@2x 1024x462 - Building Responsibly

And finally, take account of safety in our industrial approach The process of achieving OHSAS 18001 certification has been under way for several years. At the end of 2017, 53 sites have been certified OHSAS 18001, including all of the industrial sites in France. PAREX wants to go beyond certification procedures to ensure that every employee has a safe and secure working environment. During safety visits, a pair of observers watch an employee at his or her workstation and a dialogue is built up to make the employee being observed more aware of identified at-risk situations.


The diversity of employees who work together and share the same objectives is one of PAREX’s strengths. Any discrimination based on race, religion, sex, nationality, disability, age or any other discriminatory characteristic is strictly prohibited. PAREX supports non-discriminatory practices in terms of employment, and takes care to ensure equal opportunities in the recruitment process and in the professional development of its employees.

Commitment to Human Rights

PAREX is committed to supporting internationally-recognized fundamental human rights in conducting its various operations throughout the world. The Group respects and supports the dignity, wellbeing and rights of its employees, as well as those of their families and the communities to which they belong.

Anchor our sites in their territories

PAREX provides support for local initiatives and integration of people through the commitment to anchoring its sites in their territories.

Territorial impact on regional development and local populations

The impact of the Group’s economic activity and the activity generated by the use of the products it distributes is primarily local. The manufacture of PAREX products is essentially local. On several of its sites, PAREX is one of the main employers in the region. Similarly, the raw materials used in the industrial processes are essentially local and thus create a local value chain. Furthermore, PAREX strives to maintain constructive relations with the authorities and with local stakeholders.

Relations with suppliers and subcontractors

PAREX involves its suppliers and subcontractors in its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The Group’s Procurement Charter consists of two strands:

  • exemplary behavior shown by PAREX teams to their suppliers,
  • suppliers’ own commitment to social and environmental responsibility in the criteria for supplier’s evaluation. Since mid-2017, key suppliers’ performance in terms of CSR has begun to be assessed by means of the EcoVadis program.

Actions supporting education, underprivileged communities and partnerships

PAREX aims to develop its community-focused initiatives in several fields:

  • support for education (renovation of schools with the involvement of Group’s employees, participation in Safety and Environment presentations, donations of products to training schools)
  • support for underprivileged populations (donations to Foundations and hospitals, support for deprived populations, support for associations helping people at the end of their lives through the commitment of PAREX employees)
  • partnerships to support Sustainable Construction (Construction21 social media platform since 2015, Passive House association in Spain)

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