SKALFLEX – quality all the way!

  • For more than 40 years SKALFLEX has been an innovative and service-minded supplier of quality products for the building and construction industry in Denmark.
  • SKALFLEX manufactures and markets various products such as mortars, concretes, paints, façade systems, waterproofing, self-levelling units and adhesives for the professional segment and the DIY sector.
  • In 1973 we started up with only a handful of products and today we are the national market leader in façade protection and decoration, tile setting and flooring materials and waterproofing systems and technical solutions.
  • Innovation, quality, service and support throughout the project are the cornerstones of our philosophy and the main reasons behind our continuous growth and success.
  • We are very proud that SKALFLEX today is a strong brand with a high ranking in terms of professionalism and credibility.


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