DAVCO: From Australian brand to International brand and culture!

  • Established in Australia in 1972, developed in Asia in the nineties, introduced into China in 1996
  • From Tiling (synonymous with Excellence in Tiling) to Building solutions/Home decoration
  • Embodied by our iconic mascot Davco Dave
  • Brand attributes: DAVCO stands for expertise and experience, reliability, proximity with customers and friendliness, reactivity, belief in improving living environment
  • The very first iconic jobsite completed with DAVCO brand was the Huadu Railway Station in Shanghai, China,in 1995.


“Practical and effective to use, this is an extremely strong adhesive”, was the assessment of the project published in the Huadu daily newspaper. Twenty years later, despite the rain and wind of Guangzhou, every tile on the exterior of the station has stood up perfectly to the test, and all remain firmly in place as a testament to the excellent quality of DAVCO products.


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