About us

Our History

  • 1970
    • Creation of the Mortars division of the French group LAFARGE.

    • Acquisition processes then mergers of various brands in France and at international level by the Mortars division of LAFARGE New Materials (LNM), a branch of the LAFARGE Group which then became LAFARGE Specialty Materials.

  • 1980
    • 1990
      • 2000
        • LAFARGE discontinued its LAFARGE Specialty Materials activities, leading to the creation of LBO MATERIS.

        • Strengthening of international development and strong dynamic expansion thanks to sustained organic growth, supported by the acquisition of 24 brands

      • 2010
        • End of LBO MATERIS. ParexGroup became an independent group under LBO with one of the largest worldwide Private Equity firms.

        • Creation of the PAREX corporate brand, held by ParexGroup SA.

        • PAREX is acquired by the Group Sika

      • 2020

        Founded in 1978 by the French group Lafarge, PAREX was from 2001 until 2014 part of Materis, the construction chemical company founded when Lafarge divested its specialty materials arm. With a primary focus on geographical development, both organically and through acquisitions, PAREX has demonstrated strong growth while redefining its position in the global marketplace. During this development period, PAREX successfully acquired and integrated more than twenty strong local brands worldwide. In most cases the acquired businesses were family-owned and we pride ourselves on the fact that the vast majority of the previous owners and managers have continued as colleagues within PAREX. As a result, the entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit derived from our heritage has provided a strong unity to our network and is a unique strength of our company. The proven formula for the continued success of PAREX is combining global development with a strong local presence, ensuring our people are always close to local customers.

        Since May 23rd, 2019 PAREX is part of the Sika Group.

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