Apr 02nd, 2011

A new signature for ParexGroup

feb4274796d93ff716e9650163a77fb8 XL - A new signature for ParexGroup

To affirm our corporate identity we have recently adopted a new signature: ParexGroup. Building expertise, together. This is part of our strategy to give ParexGroup’s corporate brand stronger visibility both nationally and internationally.

Our portfolio of company names and commercial brands has expanded over the recent years due to the rapid dynamics of our global development. As of 2012, our Group and our local companies across the world will be unified under one name: ParexGroup. We are a global Group of local companies and in each country where we operate, we nurture a Group of strong commercial brands that are united under one same local corporate umbrella.

The new positioning aims to capitalize on ParexGroup’s key asset as a strong recognized player in our industry, both globally and locally. To identify this, we carried out extensive research with key directors, employees and customers of the company. The common theme which emerged consistently is the proximity with our customers and the importance given to the human dimension of our business. ParexGroup, more than any of its competitors, is perceived and perceives itself, as a global network made up of local people and strong local commercial brands. These unique characteristics of ParexGroup combine a balanced combination of local empowerment and global teamwork which have been continuously strengthening the performance of our company. This strength in turn fosters the entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit of our teams allowing us together to build a strong future for ParexGroup.

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