Research & Development

Research & Development


R&D is a dedicated focal point for ParexGroup. The proven strength of our innovation comes from collaboration.

Our participatory approach to innovation allows us to constantly improve our product offering.

We do our best to anticipate changes in the industry on a global and local level.
We are attentive to our customers’ feedback, building on trends and technical advancements.
Our approach to R&D is pro-active rather than reactive.

ParexGroup's R&D is characterized by a two-fold approach which is both local and global. The R&D managers within each country have the autonomy to develop products corresponding to local needs.  The joint mission of the corporate R&D and Marketing teams is to develop a technological 'toolbox' which, in alignment with the strategic direction of ParexGroup, allows each country to achieve its expansion goals. These key projects are treated in the Group R&D centers in France (Lyon) and China (Shanghai) or at the R&D department within a given country.

R&D evolution across our product portfolio

We emphasize two areas when developing new products: environmental responsibility and the needs, comfort and expectations of our end users.

The introduction of products that are respectful of people and the environment is demonstrated by our constant efforts to develop new solutions free of noxious components like VOC, biocides or solvents.
Our insulation systems are constantly improving, which saves energy and helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

The improvement of the health and comfort of our applicators is at the heart of our priorities with solutions such as products that reduce dust emissions on job sites.

We are also highly invested in the forward-thinking and research of alternative raw materials.