Breakthrough innovations

Breakthrough innovations

The identification of breakthrough innovation routes is a very rigorous process, initiated by a group that is very open to new data and information.

By listening attentively to our customers, and creating strong links with suppliers, we are able to identify new opportunities that we then transform into new research projects.

ParexGroup stays ahead of developments also by looking at what's happening with more mature technologies in other sectors. We also look at research papers, university projects, start-ups and trends towards future technologies.

Our projects are oriented around a dozen themes which reflect macro-trends and are largely influenced by the marketing department.

With collaborative innovation as a focal point for ParexGroup, we have made a number of significant breakthroughs in our building industry product offering.

ParexGroup has developed revolutionary solutions like 'dustless' mortars and cement-free dry mortars.

Launched in 2010 in Spain and in the US, Dry Tex, the first cement-free dry mortar worldwide, is a great example of ParexGroup's innovation, and ability to partner with a supplier. To develop this product, we brought our concept for the product and our need for a new type of raw material to our supplier. We then worked closely with them through development and testing to evolve both the raw material and the finished product.