Early 2013 - A new renovation grout for direct application

Early 2013 ParexGroup Argentina launched Pastina Renovación. The idea behind this new product was that it avoids the expensive and time-consuming process of removing existing grout and replacing it with a new one. Pastina Renovación can be used on floors and walls, is cleaner than cement-based products, and can solve problems related to dust, fungus and efflorescence.


12/01/2012 - In Spring ParexGroup made a strategic acquisition in the facade market in China.

10/14/2012 - ParexGroup launched a new product, Mono’Air, in France in October 2012. Mono’Air is an airtight building sealant that will help builders comply with the new environmental regulations that came into effect on January 1, 2013.

10/13/2012 - ParexGroup introduced a new Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development strategy, the “Core” program, in 2011. The program aims to align all ParexGroup subsidiaries with the company’s seven sustainable development commitments and to track specific indicators like eco-design, energy consumption, water consumption, waste management, safety, community outreach, and certifications.

ParexGroup opened a new plant in Doha, Qatar. This new plant broadens the company’s footprint in the country, following the construction of a first plant in 2007 in Dubai. And ParexGroup is steadily making a name for itself in Qatar, where it has completed high-profile projects like the billion-euro Qatar Petroleum Financial District.