09/2013 - Safety is one of the ParexGroup Core values. That is why ParexGroup has decided to create an international community of internal auditors whose role is to assess and improve our safety management system. In order to give themselves an identity and establish a framework and common tools, the newly-created group of safety auditors came together in September 2013. 13 people from 10 countries, all of them either HSE or Industrial Managers in their respective subsidiaries, attended the Auditor+ training. As part of their extended role, their main missions will be to run cross audits in the 61 ParexGroup's manufacturing plants and contribute locally to the safety culture among management teams.


22/05/2013 - The new plant of ParexGroup China was officially opened on May 22, 2013, located in Nange Industrial Park, Daojiao town, Guangzhou.

01/2013 - 5074 ProliCrème, an "improved and deformable" tile adhesive launched in January 2013 in France, boasts an original formula based on microspheres of expanded glass.

This new tile adhesive is based on an original formula containing particles of glass which lighten the product and also meet the requirements of tiling customers in terms of comfortable and versatile application, thereby making the product's lightness a secondary advantage.


Early 2013 - ParexGroup Argentina has opened its sixth plant, on a site offering state-of-the-art adhesive production facilities.

In order to be closer to customers and at the same time react faster to market needs and product availability, ParexGroup Argentina has installed a new manufacturing plant at Rosario in the Santa Fe region. This site was chosen mainly because it is located near to the main suppliers and at the heart of a dynamic and strong market. This new-generation plant has been totally operational since the first quarter of 2013.


Early 2013 - A new renovation grout for direct application

Early 2013 ParexGroup Argentina launched Pastina Renovación. The idea behind this new product was that it avoids the expensive and time-consuming process of removing existing grout and replacing it with a new one. Pastina Renovación can be used on floors and walls, is cleaner than cement-based products, and can solve problems related to dust, fungus and efflorescence.